Saturday, February 17, 2007

" I'm a privilleged person. This year i've had the opportunity to watch #35 all season long.If he isn't the best player who is. Did you know texas lost all of their starters to the draft last year, and coming into the season sophmore shooting guard A.J Abrams was the 6th man in a rotation where 6 players played and Abrams got miniscule amount of time. Durant had transformed a 5 win team into a maybe 22 win team tourney time. And if that wont'd convince you, maybe the fact that he has 6 other freshmen among him. Besides he has perhaps the worst scholorship player in the big 12 in Matt Hill. While on the other hand he has Dexter Pittman who should get Hill's minutes. All in all Oden the "#1 pick" has a much better supporting cast with a few other standouts. Oden is overated and underhated. my prediction is Ohio state vs Texas in the NCAA sweet 16."- Annoymous

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